by PROlific

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Genesis...out of the darkness manifested
the spoken word and the universe began it’s coalescence
It’s the method of creation that fortifies elevation
Of my mental limitations the rules of logic I’m breaking
I ain’t faking simply taking, the talents that God gave me,
steady praying while I’m slaying these demons that violate me,
Truth is hidden, and the ways that lead to it have been forbidden
For the way that man chose was sin and now who’s winning?
Revalation, Apocalypse, Devastation
Is there no escaping the situation that I’ve been placed in?
So complacent, spirit stoic, inside we all know it
Heed the words of this poet...
Listen closely can’t run from it
Shh...The Horseman cometh

I must confess, divinity I possess
When I profess I am the best it's cause' I'm blessed with....
Finesse like Estee Lauder got a way with words like Obama
Devour like a piranha I flips it "cuando me da la gana"
Constantly on my consonants like I was Hiragana
Welcome to my slaughterhouse, call it Hotel Rwanda
So unexpected I’m vicious no code of ethics
Usin Rogue attacks as a Gambit to my successess
Nightcrawling through Storms and causing Havoc is my main objective
While usin telekinetics that Professor “X” don’t even “F” wit!
Transitions necessary. So out the ordinary,
couldn’t find the words to describe me using a dictionary,
Like Sarah Lee because everybody wants a slice of me
A prodigy who is preaching Hip-Hop Philosophy
Honest over modesty, epic just like The Odyssey...
Bermuda triangle because everybody gets lost in me
Stop it B….There ain’t no stopping me
Thought I was slowin down well let me bring you on up to speed
Hip hop is sick and I got the medicine, like Acetaminophen
Sent here to jettison all you lames into oblivion
Come see me when you’ve learned about stimulating the logic
Concern yourselves with more than simply speakin ebonics
Get hooked on phonics…I ain’t no prophet I simply tell it like it is
And somthin has gotta give
I mean…we only get one life to live
So love and learn to forgive (x3)

The Horseman Comin'


released June 13, 2012



all rights reserved


PROlific Chicago, Illinois

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