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"An awareness of the universe that triggers an emotional response too deep and mysterious for words..."



released June 16, 2012



all rights reserved


PROlific Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: WARhorse (prod by EARdrum)
Genesis...out of the darkness manifested
the spoken word and the universe began its coalescence
It’s the method of creation that fortifies elevation
Of my mental limitations the rules of logic I’m breaking
I ain’t faking simply taking, the talents that God gave me,
steady praying while I’m slaying these demons that violate me,
Truth is hidden, and the ways that lead to it have been forbidden
For the way that man chose was sin and now who’s winning?
Revalation, Apocalypse, Devastation
Is there no escaping the situation that I’ve been placed in?
So complacent, spirit stoic, inside we all know it
Heed the words of this poet...
Listen closely can’t run from it
Shh...The Horseman cometh

I must confess, divinity I possess
When I profess I am the best it's cause' I'm blessed with....
Finesse like Estee Lauder got a way with words like Obama
Devour like a piranha I flips it "cuando me da la gana"
Constantly on my consonants like I was Hiragana
Welcome to my slaughterhouse, call it Hotel Rwanda
So unexpected I’m vicious no code of ethics
Usin Rogue attacks as a Gambit to my successess
Nightcrawling through Storms and causing Havoc is my main objective
While usin telekinetics that Professor “X” don’t even “F” wit!
Transitions necessary. So out the ordinary,
couldn’t find the words to describe me using a dictionary,
Like Sarah Lee because everybody just wants a slice of me
A prodigy that is preaching Hip-Hop Philosophy
Honest over modesty, epic just like The Odyssey...
Bermuda triangle everybody gets lost in me
Stop it B….There ain’t no stopping me
Thought I was slowin down well let me bring you on up to speed
Hip hop is sick and I got the medicine, like Acetaminophen
Sent here to jettison all you lames into oblivion
Come see me when you’ve learned about stimulating the logic
Concern yourselves with more than simply speakin ebonics
Get hooked on phonics…I ain’t no prophet I simply tell it like it is
And somthin has gotta give
I mean…we only get one life to live
So love and learn to forgive (x3)

The Horseman Comin'
Track Name: Dreamin' feat. O.T. (prod by EscapeIt)
- PROlific -
EscapeIt, PROlific and O.T. no gimmicks
Spittin' poems, that'll get the dome oh so lifted
Yo, O.T. get em' with that old-soul rhythm
Let's give em' a masterpiece about chasing the dreams within em'

- O.T. -
PROlific I'm wit' it, somethin' that they could vibe to
And at the same time, somethin' that we could rhyme to
About releasin' the feelins' that's inside you
And elevatin' the way we was designed to

- Hook -
Up is the only way out
And I'm so down for reachin' in the clouds
But, it seems now everyone's full of doubt
Only thing they care about is sleepin' safe and sound
But, if you asleep then that also means you dream so
While you asleep, don't ever let them dreams go
Wake up, and keep believin' in them dreams yo
Water that seed, sit back and watch that dream grow

- O.T. -
See my reality is not a dream
Well kinda sorta cause' I'm sorta livin' out a scene
That I seen before I even got the chance to be
Where I'm at because I saw like what's on the screen
I picture me at 23 with 2 degrees
A little money, a nice honey and sunny seas
A fast car and somewhere for me to speed
And bond money just in case I see them po-lice
Dreams defer like my wheels hit the curb
Tried to take a sharp left, I ain't make the right turn
In the middle of the night, had to let the oil burn
I'm just tryin' to handle business like I'm workin' for a firm
Sleepin' on me now, actin' like you ain't concerned
Knowin' that you really feel me and believe it's my turn
I'm glad I can be your nightmare, uh
Now let's dream til' we right there, come on

- Hook -

- PROlific -
Once again it's, PROlific I'm so PRO wit' it
So sick and gifted witness as I infect the present
Never runnin' from the past cause' the future's so flourescent
I flip the switch and it's lights out, you know I'm winnin' but,
Wasn't always like this in the beginnin'
All these writtens wouldn't have been nothin' without a vision
What's a vision if you ain't got the drive to get it in
And what's the drive if you ain't got them keys to the ignition
Real talk, too much of this life is spent STALLin'
Pluggin' away daily but never SOLVin' PROBlems
Idolizing those that be "BALLin' JORdan"
But then we too scared to go ALL in FALLin'
Victim to fears that keep us from layin' claim to
Destiny forcing us to remain the same
6 months ago I was dreamin' bout' bein' in the game
And I won't stop dreamin' til' everybody knows my name so....
Track Name: Nostalgia (prod by EARdrum)
(Intro by Carl Sagan)

- Hook -
Know this, we are the young and the focused
Livin fast cause' we don’t know what slow is
Lookin at us like something’s wrong
But our only problem was being influenced by the dopest

My generation is the Cowabunga Coalition
Jordan was number 1 and number 2 was Scottie Pippen
Moonwalkin and Ztarter jackets was how we was livin
Nintendo Sega and Playstation was the new addiction
Not to mention the internet and the cell phone
Metallica, Adam Sandler and Jay-Z yo
As if my era needed any vindication
We emancipated and this is the proclamation
"Great Scott!," I wanna be sedated
Take me back to da days when Steve Urkel was really famous
Life was in living color with cartoons Saturday and
All it took to be “Like Mike” was a bottle of Gatorade
It's funny how time flies but lookin back now I realize
Everything that was awesome was kept alive on the inside
Like Bill Nye and Hangin with Mr. Cooper,
Skip sippin on some sizzurp man gimme an ecto-cooler
When I work I’m an Animaniac on the clock
Cause' when I Yakk-O, my style is Wakk-O and timing's on the Dot
So when they try to keep us down we stay ascending
Cause we the future homie now smokey go ahead and get em

- Hook -

What’s up Doc, I’m bout to go G.I. Joe
I'm mighty morphin on em callin it my Megazord flow
I guess that you could say I’m in my optimus prime
Cause' by design, my rhymes be Transformin the mind
And I never play I be steady pushin rewind
To show you “What I Got” cause' my music is so “Sublime”
Now this is a story all about how Pharcyde,
Roots crew, Nas and ha Dogg Pound
Along with Beastie Boys, Biggie, Pac, Tribe Called Quest
Became threads in the tapestry called hip hop's best
Yes, I might bias but nobody can deny us
Growin up with MC Lyte, TLC, Blackstreet and Mariah,
Eminem almost retired while Yeezy was speakin "thru the wire"
Witnesses from Bad Boy to the Def Jam empire
"On and on it seems to go, it's like we don't know what we got til it's gone"
This ain't no tangent I'm payin homage to Common
Pharoae Monch, KRS-1, Canibus, Crucial Conflict
Busta Bust, Talib Kweli, Outkast and miss Lauryn ...Hill...thank ya'll for givin us somethin we could feel

- Hook -

I wrote this rhyme to remind us all
That Nostalgia is evidence of how we've all evolved
Recall the fact we learned to walk before we could crawl
We kids of yesterday are shapin up the world of tomorrow
They say we lost, but watch how we find shit wit google maps
"Haven't heard the latest?" well ok miss watch me google-that
With zulu tactics duelin dudes for practice
Pepe Lepew couldn't swoon tunes from my magna doodle antics
Like magnets, drawn to the force of what I'm writin
Dictatin the pace at psycho crushin speeds like M. Bison
Invading the place then graphing outer space, Tycho Brahe
Woah Kimo Sabe School House Rockin is my hobby
In the spotlight, witness The Shining like "Here's Johnny!"
Come and step into a world of mine...or was it Bobby's?
Probably, this joint got you catchin a "Jones" like "Casey"
I'm takin us back to the future So "hasta la vista, baby"
Ok B, "Don't Stop til You Get Enough," see "They Don't Really Care About Us," but "The Way You Make Me Feel," makes me "Remember the Time" is "Dangerous"
It's clear as mud, "Black or White" and generations later
People gon talk about us, cuz after all...it's "Human Nature."

- Hook -
Track Name: The Escape feat. V Lashae (prod by EARdrum)
Ok, I guess it’s time tofor me to spark it
But first, let’s pour some liquor out for our dearly departed
Now, pour a little mo' cuz it’s time to get it started
See the sun is on its shine so now who’s ready to party?
Ain’t nothin' like havin a buzz and a breeze
Good people, good music, good food and possibly some good weed
Maybe not...Don’t matter cause' I’m lifted off these good vibes
75 degrees and above me nothing but blue skies so shoo fly
the aroma of citronella, makes me feel betta'
Than a piece of bread when it’s buttered up with Nutella
The wifey, laides and fellas, my baby girl and the fam
This that summa summa summa summa time-JAM

- Bridge (PROlific) -
Yea, it’s time for grillin outside,
Or takin a cruise on Lake Shore Drive
With the top down
Fall and Spring are cool, Winter is pretty chilly
But nothin' beats summertime in my city
Whuddup Chi-town!?

- Bridge (V Lashae) -
We've been waiting
And saving all this vaction
And now, it's time for playin'
Rest and relaxation

- Hook - x3
Can't nobody ever rock a party quite like us
Cause' everybody at our party is somebody we love
(Summer, summer, summer-TIME)

Somone somewhere is finding summertime love
So come on, grab someone give em' a summertime hug
Might be a mother, sister , brother, cousin, grandfather, auntie
Or stranger, no time for danger too much love in the neighbor-HOOD
Shout if you reppin', recognize and respectin'
Every section and understandin' how we're all connected
From burbin' it out in Elgin to kickin' it at Millenium Park
Our hearts beat for the city they call the second when,
Really no other city can do it better than
The one that's Windy and sittin' pretty on Lake Michigan
Jordan watches over that Madhouse on Madison
Sox on 35th and the Cubbies posted on Addison
Taking the "L" ain't takin' a loss but, then again
You only understand that if you a true Chicagoan
Yo what's that saying? You know you from Chicago when
You eat deep dish, know how to parallel park and you love the summer maaannnnn

- Bridge -
- Hook x4 -
- Bridge -

(Neighborhood shout outs)
Track Name: All That feat. TeeJay (prod by EARdrum)
- Hook -
Bounce if you feelin that, if you feelin that (PROlific)
Clap I know feelin that, I know you feelin that (TeeJay)
Bounce if you feelin that, if you feelin that (PROlific)
Clap I know you feelin that, I know you feelin that (TeeJay)
Here’s to livin life fast
Gettin famous and stackin up cash gimme All That (PROlific)
But I’ma do it usin the art of rap
And get it wit poetry instead of swag, gimme All That! (TeeJay)

- PROlific -
I got that Crystal Clear flow like a river that's made of Visine
Not an amateur but the Pro L-I-F-I-C
Flavor never low, matta fact, it's always Hi-C
Lightin up the show wit a glow somethin like high beams
I deem this to the anthem, get up and start dancin
clappin, if you got a mouth then start rappin,
Unleash the mind-mili we only usin a fraction
I wanna start a revolution ya’ll, let's make it happen now
Laughin out loud at the fact that ima rapper now
I'm stylin on these bars like it’s fashion, never backin down
Back against the wall like a champion I knock em out
Pound for pound the greatest like my name is Manny Pac-qui-ao
I’m Derrick Rose wit my Windy-City-Assassin style
My vocals Carey/carry more than Nick Cannon when I’m "wil’n out"
I'm forever honest regardless of what they rappin bout
The gauntlet is my stompin grounds, holla if ya hear me now

- Hook -

- TeeJay -
Look, I spit it and rip I get it I'm lyrically vicious
Then grab a broad, do my job like washin the dishes
But they don't know me, I toke it by the O-Z
And shout out to PROlific we roll deep and blow trees
Don't sneeze...I'm kinda blessed and yes
I got a big "S" tatted on my chest Success is what I do best
So now I'm upper class pimpin these hoes
I'm talkin bitches wit fat asses and new breasts
Yes...and she call me "Babe" but I'm "Ruth"less
And stress, could be blown away wit 2 hits
Of that loud, creatin the illest sounds
And buyin all of the shots, the waiter keep fillin rounds
and I'll...go dumb like E-40 was reppin
Control in the wildest section my nigga we project X and then...
Do it again on the very next night
Even though I'm wakin early just to get on my flight, aite!?

- Hook -

- PROlific -
Sit back and listen cause' what I'm spittin
Is an exhibition of livin when you don't give in to inhibitions
I'm too efficient I'm too legit to be quittin.
Minds flippin when I’m rippin now witness as I attack the rhythm
Get it while the gettin's good? Shit, Ima go get it when I'm good and ready
To get it in...Do you get it, or is my writing too esoteric?
Who cares? long as I’m Ichi-ban wit the lyrics
Maintainin the "Equilibrium" like a "Grammaton Cleric"
What I’m spittin is hotter than Gun-kata
Taboo like a pariah but more profound than the Dalai Llama
Stealin the spotlight yea I'm on my Ali Baba
My mind is like a cavern full of treasure so you know that I'ma
Open sesame, killin tracks is my specialty
Specially when my mans EAR-drum cook up the recipe
Never sweatin the haters, I leave em with their jealousy
I'm only givin what I can, and that's the best of me

- Hook -
Track Name: Mangled (prod by EARdrum)
Like they always do with these ad libs
Fillin up space just like the color black did
I’m off the charts can’t find me with an atlas
That’s because I’m intergalactic
Welcome to my planet cuz
I’m calculating like an abacus
Decimating anyone I face like Manny does
Fighting for my freedom in this arena just call me Gannicus
I go Fiasco on the track, Lupe
Set my Phaser to stun like I’m Taking Back Sunday
“It’s on!” like TaiWan, I mean “TaiPei”
“Shi Shi Nee,” you’ll be thankin me someday
Cause’ I’m on to the next one
a.k.a. the other shit, a.k.a. the future kid a.k.a. the
proof is in the pudding
Shit if Cosby saw me he’d probably sue me for copyright infringement
Naw never that I spit authentic,
My rhymes too deep. Sink or Swim but don’t get lost in it
Cause’ I’m a boss wit it, but not like Ross meant it
Cuz I don’t floss I just come across commanding respect
if I don’t get it be prepared for a holocaust
I make anthrax look similac
Formulaic cats get smacked with my battle axe
“Real raw rap” I chocolate drop dat
Ya’ll dudes funny but, guess who get the last laugh…?
I do….Cause I know Kung Fu Panda, Po and the Furious Five
I’m a curious guy , this precarious vibe just my A-R-T-I-S-T-R-Y

See the devil try to sway a brother
But I couldn’t have BEEN STILLER like it was Tropic Thunder
Never been a thug or a killa just had the will of a
gorilla to go King Kong like I was Godzilla
I’m da real-a from da Chi to Manila
I went from a beginna to a natural contender
Not like alla deez pretenders where image is the agenda
See they try to deprive the genius that is within us.
But my mind remain brilliant, Einstein
Dedication on a hundred trillion, I grind
Some dudes bust caps, I rhyme
I’m 30 Rock on these cats, prime time
Pause for effect.
Give ya’ll a chance to get calm and collect
Before I bomb once again
Comin to you live and direct
From the desk top in my living room but, I’m comin soon
to a stadium near you
With a style that’s wild like Blanka and sexy like Chun-Li
You can call it Beauty and the Beast….
Oh wait did ya’ll not catch that?
With a style that’s wild like Blanka and sexy like Chun-Li
You can call it Beauty and the Beast….
Track Name: Oblivion (Mindcrate by Roka - DJ Culprate remix)
It's time to break ya'll neck to this, so jump up and get reckless
This beat, too infectious.
Dirty as Alexis Texas
Spittin the quickest it's PRO-lific on that Mighty Midwest shit
My rhymes, so inventive....
Tom Edison's payin attention
Hopin it'll pay off and get him some Benjamins
Forget "Means" in the "End" it's all about the Franklins
At the cost of compromise
And tainting my brain's spiritual sanctum
Asa Lama Lakum.
Lyrical Schwarzenegger in other words the exTERMINATOR,
My vapors chokin out all the haters
Makin grown men mad like the Mad Man Don Draper
Oxymoronically placated exasperator
Vocabularical rhyme slayer
Metaphorically unfased like FUCK the haters FUCK hiatus
no breaks/brakes runaway train
unchained from the game I'm rap's emancipator
Hold up Jack think fast I attack the last of these naysayers
Kick raps like a soccer player sit back and savor
These lines, unwind til it's time for the Percolator

I should slow up

Before I lose you and continue to just blow up
But I ain't even curse yet so I guess I'll just say "fuck
all the bullshit I'm drunk"
I'll stick to the script and just smoke blunts
"Shit, bitch, ho, dick, tit, fuck" and you can just
Blast this through your speakers
And the feelin you get make it last
Don't let the masses stifle all that you have
Just dance...stay undefeated, til the moment you breath your last
Now if you'll excuse me I believe it's my turn to crash the party
Illuminate and reverberate while I smash your body
Ridin the beat like a warhorse dealin the wrath
Of a thousand suns
But that heat you feelin is my tongue
I spit flame like my saliva's on fire and my mouth is a gun
I'm zig-zagging Harmonies
Bone-Thuggin Thug-Luv'in not Led'in but Zepplin
And wreckin ya section until my skills you respectin
Ain't no half steppin just reppin Chi-city and really
Etchin and Sketchin my mark in the present
While the beat is dubsteppin, kick it like habits
I'm stuntin, just for dramatics
Re-uppin for all you addicts
Graduation-type Diplomatic
So electric my flow is static
...style so cryptic enigmatic
Ain't no question who's the baddest
Don't believe me? Go ahead and ask it
man just BOUNCE

Hear that ignition blowin?
See I got that piston pumpin, Clockwork Orange, liquid nitrogen type flowin
With an Adamantium edge you can call me Logan
And since I'm an artist on this beat I will Vincent Van Gough/go in!

Bow before a king when you see me comin
Witness the majesty flow while the beat, just keep on drummin
I feel like Alice in this Wonderland I'm Tweedle-Dum'in
Medieval times, it's goin down....DUNGEON
Hah...the Joker has arrived
So if I look "So serious" then you know not to ask me"Why?"
I stay self-lacing, always lit up like a Nike Mag McFly
Marty although since I'm hot
Call me Michael J. Fire-Fox
Track Name: Jimmy (prod by EARdrum)
Jimmy had a pocket full of dreams but
It was tearin at the seams, see the plan was
Marry Jenny, make money, Smoke bud everyday save the world and become a better human being
But he forgot about one thing….then he forgot about another
Jimmy lost Jenny, struggles to make money, he never saved a thing and always fights with his baby mother
But he still smoke bud tho
Reminiscing of the times when he was a Street King like Ludlow,
He used to say “one of these days everything gon change But for now lemme take another hit of this bud yo….”
And as he drifts the sandman starts to sew the rip in his pocket
So that his dreams won’t be forgotten
But, soon as Jimmy wake he pull apart the thread and so his dreams just slip out the bottom

- HOOK -
So tready softly
for you tread upon my dreams (x2)

As Jimmy slips away into the night
He en-ters a world where he’s got a baby girl and a wife?
And all the misery that used to be….is now outta sight
"Am I outta my mind?Thought Jimmy “Can this really be true?”
“Yea and I got a job that I love and a beach house too”
Said a voice from behind him “What’s up Jimmy, I’m the other version of you."
Back when you was droppin college I was steady droppin knowledge
Still puffin but, not a slave to ganja
Never wasted anymore of my time with Jenny
Instead of chasin a dolla I was chasin a penny for your thoughts
Which brought me all of those things you saw
But, none of these things evolved….
I was a dream but you let me fall ….
so now while you walk….. please tread soft… “

- Hook -

Cold Sweat, Clawin at the air tryna catch his own breath
“What a nightmare” he says
Stares at the mirror and expects his reflection
But what he gets is a foggy vision instead
Silhouette of a hooded gentleman standin in front of him
begins tellin him, “Wanna see what’s next?
Be at ease, don’t fret. My name is Jimmy and I gonna show you everything that hasn't happen yet.“
You graduated from green and got a PhD in meth,
Nobody wanted that drama so everybody left
You got evicted cause' you couldn’t pay the rent
I’m assuming you get the picture, so lemme digress
Boy you betta fix yo step
If not well then you already know what’s next
So when you look in the mirror, don’t ever forget
To just and take a step back and reflect.

- Hook -
Track Name: Yugen (Rising Sun by Stizreth)
Confusion stays keeping all logic at bay
Wonderin "Will it go away if I do what Confuscious say?"
Or will Jesus come save the day? Confusing thoughts as I pray
Sanity in disarray, crushed under confusion's weight
Blackness descends upon these thoughts fuled by the silence
Driven by madness manufactured by the stars' alignment
Replapsing a nightmare that no words can come close to describin
Heart throbbin, Stomach droppin as the darkness slowly rises
This is is, behold the truth that forever is unrelenting
That time itself has no beginning and it's never ending
After this life is over where is our eternal dwelling?
To fathom the span of eternity itself is overwhelming
I ain't have a say on whether or not I wanted this existence
Involuntarily I'm here and now the clock is tickin
My mind's convulsing no escape from thoughts that traumatize me
P-Panic panic please no more someone labatomize me!

Take away from me this glimpse give me that dose of ignorance
Bliss is what I wish, to slip into a black abyss a mental eclipse
Grip...on sanity I'm losin it because these elements
of truth convict my intelligence and I can't ignore it
But, what if I vanish? And wait, isn't that an advantage?
Whether you're good, bad or the baddest we'll all fade away like we never happened.
Yo if that's true, we should celebrate and just go bananas
Play games, cause' this life don't matter anyway. Wouldn't you rather?
Believe in nothing instead living with consequence
Cause' what's regret with no conscience to keep you honest when
It's so much easier livin this life unconcious
Of the fact we'll have to answer for all our actions regardless
All this thinkin got me tweakin, panic is slowly creepin
So I storm out. I'm needin distractions to keep from freakin
I'm feelin a breeze, and I hear the birds in the trees and
I just freeze, suddenly all of my thoughts are at ease

There is no measure to the depth of all of existence
Just as much as there is no measure to the beauty of all the senses
Think of everything in this world and the way that we perceive it
We don’t just see, smell, hear, taste or touch it all but we FEEL it
In our spirit. From the wind to the scent of the morning air,
Hearing that sweet sound of life, in this moment I am aware
Believing without a care that this is what I was meant to see
Releases all that confusion that was inside of me
Track Name: Faith (I'm God by Clams Casino)
....settle down....
- Intro/Outro -
Like relaxation I’m sayin let’s take a break and
Just take it all in like spacein' out, cause' love is what it’s all about
Music you know you make me wanna….shout in the faces
Of preachers who wanna separate ust ell em we're the same
Homo-sapiens and satan have similar lookin faces
Capable of spreading kindness just as much as they spreadin hate
See they deviate from preachin us the truth and it’s a shame cause'
They keepin us segregated, all in the name of congregation

Picture this entire globe no war, just peace wouldn’t that be dope?
All love no hate, all real no fake, all safe no need to lock the do’
O fo sho….but we still lock it though….
Because unfortunately that is not the world we know
See we're human so….failure’s in our anatomy
But all those inadequacies will become rungs leading up the ladder see
Better days ahead of me, I’ma turn hope into reality
Find a way to change my destiny and restore all faith in humanity

- Hook - x2
All of us really know that
We all are beautiful but
We're too busy bein holy instead of creating miracles
So let's get off our pedestals

How long will I watch the time just slip by? All it takes is one night
see I really really got my hopes high not afraid to dream but scared of sunlight
Cause' the sun might burn up all the fuel and my dreams will never take flight
Pray to God that one night
It won't go waste, what I'm tryin to say is one day I really really hope I
Wake up with the courage I fell asleep with before the day breaks
And takes with it all the boldness I felt within my spirit
I'm filled with a sickness and it fixes itself on my potential
Incapacitating the side of my mind that’s instrumental

- Hook - x2

I'm spacin out ...it's cold but the moon it glows
And the stars are shining now, I'm lookin up at the sky wonderin "What life’s about?"
Consumed by the dark blue vastness blackness that is nature’s canvass
A place that a paintbrush can’t touch cause' every color ever made with paint comes
From imitating every color that makes up the universe and everything it’s made of
And that was made by the great being of everything but then HE made us…
Just look at how we fuss and fight
We're fond of the dark and blind to the light
So like the artist who created the night sky
I’ma paint wit the right mind when I write rhymes

- Hook - x2

- Intro/Outro -
Track Name: Servive (prod by PROlific)
Listen up ya'll we are all bein lied to
Truth is hidden even though it's all in our faces
What's a shame is we've been here before
Like Deja Vu there's a glitch in the Matrix
-glitch in the Matrix Beware the changes
Evil constructs built to keep us in chains this
"Free" world...It's here to save us
It's here to enslave us

Satan told it to Eve who gave it to Adam
Whole passed it to man who then took advantage
Of their fellow men who then
Surrendered their power to Satan. The End

Wake up! This is genocide
The system is designed to keep us paralyzed like parasites, they occupy the space inside
Then hollow it out leavin us petrified
These enemy lines are pushin closer
But the battle for the soul is far from over
So let's take control and get up on consciousess
Stay convicted stop acting conscience-less
No Counterfeit, truth at any cost
Even if we end up at the top of that most wanted list
Just stay wantin it, never surrender
Who else gon do it if we don't defend us
Resistance, my pen just writes the rhymes
Which then clutch the hearts and minds by design
And thus unifies all of mankind
All because I up and decided to write rhymes?
See it don't take much, do what you love
We were born with a gift that was sent from above
Learn to trust in a passion, not in a buzz
Or any drug that consistently be fuckin you up
Learn to think differently, reach for the sun
Better to have an epiphany than havin a thumb up ya ass
Regretably that's how most of us have become
The system has succeeded in keepin us all dumb
Become ONE, Winter is comin
WhetherTargereyan, Lannister, or Baratheon
When Snow start comin they'll be Stark ravin mad again
But I'm gettin at it, when it come to battle call me the white walker assassin
Backpack, lumberjack axe, and a javelin
Jabbin a dagger at any man who try challengin
It's not happenin, so when the shit hits the fan
Remember to keep calm don't panic
The day will come when everything is dark as the night
When you feel like givin in and you'll never see the light
You'll be pushed to the brink and hope'll seem outta sight
Remember your purpose and there's a reason you're alive
Arise, never say die
Fight the fight and find the will to survive
You gotta find
The-will-to-survive x3
And the will to SERVE
Track Name: PROlogue (Wolf Drawn by Emancipator)
- Hook - x2
Witness glory now some of you may not know me
But I guarantee you I'm a future front page story like
EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it (x2)

Lemme introduce to you an average nobody who
At 25 decided to "I can do this rap shit too"
While body rockin head bobbin no "la di da di'n"
Just lolli poppin off with sickness as if this hobby
could really make him somebody
Who would likely blow up BANG BANG, no ouchie wally wally.
"olly olly oxen free,"
This hide and seek of fate reveals his destiny
Got the game locked and Hip hop is the key to settin him free.
And who knew? That a simple man without a clue or a crew
Possessed the skills to grab the mic and make it do what it do
Technically speaking his technique is Dr. Jekyll-ing
Potions evoking fairly ferocious linguistic laser beams!
In layman's terms that means LAMES can't even step to me
I run em over while on my way to my date with DESTINY
See in my lane there's no room for second guessin
Ain' t no question I keep pressin til' victory is in my possession

Could it be that I’ve got it all outta focus
If I adjust the lens will I get the picture and notice how truly hopeless this is
Like….Coke with no fizz, the product is DOPEness
But if it don’t got that “pop” it don’t make no sense
Hip-Hop a joke’s man, don’t get it twisted
I love it I just don’t know if I can make it a livin
I been at it for a second my dudes been in it a minute
Barely know what I'm doin yet I'm callin myself PROlific?
Actin like I’m gifted just cause' I’m rappin/wrappin it up like presents,
When most emcees been rappin since back in their adolescence
….I may be a little out of my element just a little bit
It might be better if I just decide to just stop and quit.
Then again what about the fact since I've been writin
It’s been flowin and I’m feelin so spiritually enlightened
The passion inside me gives me a rush and it’s so exciting
So God as my witness I’ma let this poetry ignite em like a FIRE
I’ma light up the stage when I’m performing
Let this music burn away all the doubt that lies before me
May not be easy but this is the path that I have chosen
Hustle everyday cause' straight to the top is where I'm goin

- Hook - x2

Witness glory, HIP HOP you may not know me
But I guarantee you I'm THE future front page story
EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it (x2)